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Toy Fights: A Boyhood

Toy Fights: A Boyhood

Toy Fights: A Boyhood

Toy Fights: A Boyhood


"Wonderful, aggressively wise and always – especially at its most serious – devastatingly funny." - Geoff Dyer

Toy Fights: A Boyhood

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The Arctic

'Dynamic, interrogative and unsettling; crafted yet open-ended; fiercely smart, savage and stirring – from the get-go, Paterson's poetry has been essential reading.' - The Guardian


'Shows this always inventive poet at his most original ... Zonal is a performance of sorts, never less diabolically clever and, on occasions, very moving.' - Literary Review

The Poem

'The close intimacy with the working of poetry – as sound, as meaning, as rhythm – that Don Paterson exhibits in The Poem is without parallel in writings on this subject.' - Derek Attridge

'The Fall at Home offers the reader a bracing combination of the profound, the comic and the often hilariously self-revealing.' - Spectator

The Fall at Home

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